What are good fats ? almonds,peanuts,olive oil are considered as good fat sources. check List of some Good fats vs Bad fats provided by caloriefriend. Vitamins A , E , K ,D are fat soluble vitamins which are transported by fats.Know more about Saturated fat,Trans fat,Polyunsaturated fat,Foods with good fats.

HOW MUCH CARBOHYDRATE DO WE NEED PER DAY? Carbohydrates are the most significant source of energy ( 1gm provides 4.1 Kcal ) in the diet which are found in all plants foods like fruits , vegetables , grains, legumes and in milk and milk products.

Protein (word comes from Greek word proteios which means primary)provides approximately 10 – 15% of the energy in the diet. Protein is essential for numerous structural and functional purposes and is essential for growth and repair of the body . In adults approximately 16% of the body weight is protein . 43% of this is muscle , 15% skin and 16% blood .

Here you can find Most popular way to follow Low-Carb diet.you wish to follow a low carb diet to enhance your weight loss process. Know more about What you can consume on a low carb diet. In the beginning it may seem like a nightmare, as you have to cut down on a lot of your favourite foods. You must be ready to take on a new challenge as changing your eating habits isn’t going to be easy.