Are you craving a piece of steak with some Italian salsa sauce, or maybe a fresh sandwich dripping with cheese? Chances are the meat used in them is often Deli meat. In today’s fast paced life, where we are always in a rush, we often find ourselves skipping meals in order to avoid the hassle of cooking and resorting to junk food to satisfy our hunger. The one step solution to this problem is a Deli, serving you with pre-prepared food be it sandwiches, salads, burgers, or a number of other meat-based delicacies preventing you from consuming unhealthy street food by offering you healthier alternatives.

But what is Deli Meat?

Also known as cooked meat or sliced meat, it is nothing but precooked or cured meat that is sliced and served hot or cold depending on the dish. These meats include ham, chicken, corned beef, bresaola, pastrami, turkey and many more. You name any of your favourite recipes, and they’ll have it! Development is the need of the hour and People all over the world are embracing this new food culture with open arms. And why wouldn’t they, today people care for their health and fitness and work very hard to maintain it, putting in hours of training in the gym. And having readily prepared deli meat, assures them their daily protein requirements, and makes their lives a little easy.

Depending on the geographical location delis or deli meats can have different interpretations. For someone from the west a deli is more like a sit-down restaurant that serves sandwiches, corned beef or pastrami. For others it is more like refined grocery where they also serve meat-based items. As whole deli-meats have gained wide popularity in recent times, and have become a common alternative to regular meat.

Types of deli meat and nutrition

Among the numerous deli-meats the following options are the most sorts after and popular:

Bologna - Low Fat: It is an Italian egg-based dish, made with chicken, pork or beef. Having a medium calorie density, bologna is a moderate source of good proteins. For someone on a keto diet, it can be consumed moderately.

Turkey Bologna: Seasoned and processed in the same manner as any other variety of bologna, it usually comes sliced and is consumed as a snack, appetizer or used as sandwich meat. It is considered a healthier alternative to pork or beef bologna.

Bologna chicken pork beef: Bologna-chicken pork beef, for someone looking for an option low in carbs, with moderate protein and high in fats this is a great food item. Interested in a strict keto diet bologna-chicken pork beef is the way to go.


Pepperoni sliced: Pepperoni sliced-large a very popular meat source made from cured mixture of pork and beef; it is high calorie density food item. For someone looking to gain some weight this is one of the best options as the calories add up pretty quick.

Pastrami: Pastrami very high in protein pastrami can be considered as a medium calorie density food option. It is usually a beef-based product but can also be produced from lamb or turkey.

Bratwurst pork: It is the German variant of sausages, made from a number of meat but most commonly from pork. Being a high calorie density food, it is advised to avoid bratwurst pork if someone is trying to lose weight. As far as keto diet is concerned, if consumed with moderation it is completely fine.


Corned beef deli style: Corned beef- deli sliced a salt cured brisket of beef; it is a popular traditional beef recipe. The name comes from the treatment of the beef using large grained rock salts. It is medium calorie density food and is a great choice for gaining some high-quality proteins while on a keto diet.

Black forest ham: Black forest ham one of the delicacies of deli meat, black forest ham is a type of smoked ham that has been processed with salt and other spices. Originating from the black forest area of Germany, the ham takes about three months to become perfect. High in protein and moderate in fats, black forest ham can be categorised as a medium calorie density food. And should be consumed with moderation if on a keto diet.


“Adaptability is key” , a famous quote by Marc Andreessen, can be used be somewhat sum up that we must adapt our eating habits to  lead a more healthy life, and Deli meats are a great first step towards achieving it.


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