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Watermelon Chunks

Subway Avocado


Burger King BBQ Sauce Packet

Fireball - Whiskey

Apple - Red Delicious

Pineapple Cups in Juice

Pineapple Cups No Sugar Added

Pomegranate Seeds

Naked Bright Beets Juice Smoothie

Black Grapes

Red Grapes

Green Olives

Coffee Frappuccino - Whole Milk

Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino

Starbucks Vanilla Creme Frappuccino -Whole

Starbucks Iced Coffee Bottle

Cherry Juice

Cherries - Frozen

Greyhound Cocktail

Cactus Pear

Yoo Hoo

Pineapple Coconut Nectar

Anaheim Chile Raw

Naked Green Machine Juice Smoothie

Plantains - Raw

Berries - Frozen

Blueberries - Frozen

Pineapple - Frozen

Raspberries - Frozen

Strawberries - Frozen

Berries - Freeze Dried

Peaches - Freeze Dried

Strawberries - Freeze Dried

Mandarin Orange in Juice

Kettle Cooked Apples

Haribo Peaches Gummi

Jerk Sauce Marinade

Bolt House Green Goddess Juice Smoothie

Bolt House Tropical Juice Smoothie

Blueberries in Light Syrup - Canned

Boysenberries in Light Syrup - Canned

Blackberries in Light Syrup - Canned

Red Grapefruit Light Syrup - Canned

Grape Jam

Kumquats Fresh

Fruit & Chia Cups Peaches in Strawberry Dragon Fruit

Hot Apple Cider - 6 fl oz water added

Japanese Yam - Steamed

Golden Berries

Pineapple - Sliced - Canned - in Juice

Fuzzy Navel - OJ and Peach Schnapps -Equal Amounts

Screwdriver - Vodka and Orange Juice

Dried Watermelon

Freeze Dried Apples

Golden Kiwi

Loquats - raw


Rainier Cherries

Black Olives - Sliced

Golden Raisins

Peach Mango Applesauce

Jamba Juice Banana Berry Smoothie

Jamba Juice Kale-ribbean Smoothie

Jamba Juice Mango Smoothie

Jamba Juice Orange Dream Machine Smoothie

Jamba Juice Razzmatazz Smoothie

Jamba Juice Aloha Pineapple Smoothie

Cranberry Sauce - Jellied

Fruit Pouches - No Sugar Added

Cherry Plums

McDonald's - Apple Slices


Pancake Syrup - Sugar Free

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple - Canned - Heavy Syrup

Pineapple - Fresh



Prunes - Dried Plums


Mandarin Orange - Light Syrup

Tropical Fruit Salad in Juice

Guacamole - Avocados Only

Avocado - Sliced




Dried Cranberries

Cranberry Sauce - Whole Berry - Canned

Apricot - Dried- No Added Sugar

Apple Juice

Dried Apples - No Added Sugar

Apples - Fuji


Apricots in Heavy Syrup

Apricots in Light Syrup

Apricots in Water



Blackberries in Heavy Syrup


Blueberries in Heavy Syrup

Honeydew Melon




Mango - Canned - Extra Light Syrup

Casaba Melon


Pears in Heavy Syrup

Pears - No Sugar Added

Pears in Juice


Cherry Pie Filling - Topping


Peaches - Dried

Peaches - Canned - Lite Syrup - Drained

Black Olives - Large

Orange Juice - Avg


Papaya - Canned - Light Syrup

Peaches - Canned - Heavy Syrup - Drained


Medjool - Dates

Guava Nectar

Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup

Fruit Cocktail in Juice

Fruit Cocktail in Lite Syrup

Tropical Fruit Salad in Lite Syrup

Fruit Cocktail - No Sugar Added

White Grapefruit Juice - No Sugar Added

Grapefruit - Red

Grapes - Green

Citrus Salad - Canned

Pineapple - Dried

Pear - Green Anjou

Cherries - Dried

Blueberries - Dried

Papaya - Fresh

Pineapple - Fresh - Core

Rambutan - Dried

Hibiscus Flowers - Dried

Spanish Manzanilla Olives

Dragon Fruit

Pummelo (Pomelo)

Cherries - Canned - Heavy Syrup

Dates - Dried - Chopped

Apricot - Dried



Prickly Pears


Pineapple - Canned - Slice - Heavy Syrup

Lychee - Fresh

Peach Fruit Nectar

Asian Pear

Blood Orange

Kalamata Olives

Mango - Fresh

Country Gravy -Sausage

Marinated Olives


Dried Fruit Salad

Raisins Indivual Box

Sweetened Dried Lemon Slices

Sweetened Dried Orange Slices

Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup

Sumo Citrus Mandarin Orange

Baby Bananas

Red Beet Root Powder

Red Bananas Guineo Morado

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