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Turkey Bacon

Turkey Polska Kielbasa

Subway Pepperoni

Subway Salami

Subway Salami and Pepperoni

Bouillon Cube - Beef

Salami - Peppered

Pork Belly

Sopressata Salami

Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Frittata

Beef Franks - Hot Dogs

Meat Loaf

Lit'l Beef Smokies


Genoa Salami

Linguica Sausage

Italian Chicken Sausage

Italian Dry Salami

Andouille Sausage

HC Power Bowl - Chicken, Feta, Farro

Chicken Sausage Caprese

Turkey Sausage Patties

Jack Link's Beef & Cheese

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl Turkey Sausage

Spam - Lite

Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage

Quiche Lorranine

Pork Sausage Patty

Sausage Crumbles - Pork

Turkey Sausage Link

Italian Style Meatballs - Beef

Goose Pate

Pepperoni Sliced - Large

Beef Franks - 97% Fat Free

Del Taco - The Del Taco Beef

Jason's Deli - Beefeater no cheese no mayo

Gyro Meat - Beef and Lamb

Korean Kalbi Beef

Turkey Meatballs

Italian Sausage - Pork

Sausage Links - Pork

Vienna Sausage - Avg

Beef Sticks

Kielbasa - Polish Sausage

Salami - Pork

Potted Meat - Chicken and Pork - Just Meat

Easy Cheese - Shown on Cracker

Turkey - Deli Sliced

Chile Relleno

Bologna - Chicken Pork Beef


Turkey Bologna

Bratwurst - Beef

Bratwurst - Chicken

Bratwurst - Pork

Pepperoni - Sliced

Pastrami - Turkey

Pate - Salmon

Ham - Deli Sliced



McDonald's - Sausage Patty

Chorizo - Pork

Crab Salad

Tahini -Tehina

Ham Spread - Deviled Ham

Meatball - Avg - Frozen

Cobb Salad

Chicken Salad

Deli - Chicken Breast

Ahi Tuna - Yellow Fin

Teriyaki Chicken Breast

Pepperoni Turkey Sticks Mini

Ikea Swedish Meatballs

Pork Shu Mai added oil for cooking

Cheese Dogs

Large Turkey Sausage Patties

Marinated Olive Salami and Cheese

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