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Turkey Pepperoni

Subway Roat Beef

Subway Turkey

Beef Brisket

Bacon - Thick Cut

Greek Yogurt - Plain - 2%

Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino - Bottle

Lobster Tail

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

Egg Whites - Cooked No Fat Added

Matador Beef Jerky Tender Bites


Shrimp - Small

Mussels - Shelled

Roast Beef

Chicken Parmesan

Turkey - Dark Meat - No Skin

Turkey - Light Meat - No Skin

Fish Sauce

Edamame - Freeze Dried

Krave Pork Jerky Teriyaki

Hard Boiled Egg Whites

Kebab Beef

Albacore - White Tuna in water

Pink Salmon in Water - Canned

Carb Control Shake Dark Chocolate

Starbucks Mocha Latte Whole Milk - Grande/Venti

Two Good Greek Yogurt Blueberry

Chicken Sausage Caprese

Chick-fil-A Grilled Nuggets

DQ Chicken BLT Salad No Dressing

Chick-fil-A Chicken Nuggets

Veal - Ground

Sardines - Canned - in Oil

Chicken - Ground

Tofurky Franks

Tofurky Luncheon Meats - Oven Roasted

Snapper - Fish

Chicken Breast Katsu - no sauce

Cod Fish Steamed No Fat Added

Soy Sauce - Low Sodium

Spam - Turkey

String Cheese - Light

Mozzarella Cheese - Fat Free

Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage

Muuna Cottage Cheese Pineapple

Trumpet Mushrooms

Dry Active Yeast

Sushi - Spicy Tuna Roll

Barbacoa Beef

Black Forest Ham

Chipotle Barbacoa

Chicken Breast - Canned in water

Chicken Breast - Diced

Pork Cracklins

Pork Tenderloin

Core Protein Drink - Strawberry Vanilla

Muscle Milk Protein Drink - Vanilla

Peanut Butter - Powder

Turkey Sausage Link

Chipotle Steak

Corned Beef - Canned

Egg Beaters Original - Cooked No Added Fat

Simple Scrambles- Turkey Sausage

Beef Franks - 97% Fat Free

Jason's Deli - Beefeater no cheese no mayo

Langostino Tails

Corned Beef Sandwich on Rye - Dry

Yogurt Tubes


Soy Sauce



Light Tuna - Canned in Oil

Sardines - Canned - in Water

Ham Steaks -Lean

Pork Chop - Boneless - Fat Trimmed

Pork Loin Roast

Pork Ribs - Country Style - Dry

Canadian Bacon


Light Tuna - Canned in Water

Beef Jerky - Nuggets - Teriyaki

Filet Mignon - Grilled

Beef - Chuck - for Stew

Turkey - Deli Sliced

Skirt Steak - Carne Asada

Carnitas - Pulled Pork - Avg

Mahi Mahi - Fish

Turkey - Breast

Turkey - Dark Meat - With Skin

Turkey - Light Meat - With Skin

Veal - Loin

American Cheese - Fat Free Singles

Cottage Cheese - 4%

Cottage Cheese - 1%

Cottage Cheese - 2%

Cottage Cheese - Nonfat

Catfish - No Fat Added

Corned Beef - Deli Sliced


Clams - Canned - In Juice

Beef Jerky

Ground Beef - 85% Lean

Ground Beef - 93% Lean

Ground Beef - 97% Lean

Tri Tip - Steak


Beef Short Ribs

Bratwurst - Chicken

Crayfish - Crawfish


Pastrami - Turkey

Scallops - No Cooking Fat Added

Salmon - Canned

Egg Whites

Ham - Deli Sliced

Haddock - Fish

Chicken - Baked - Breast

Chicken - Baked - Drumstick - Skinless

Chicken - Baked - Thigh - Skinless

Chicken - Shredded - Dark Meat - No Skin

Burger King - Grilled Garden Salad - No Dressing

Slim Fast Shake - Chocolate

Rib Eye Steak

Marmite Yeast Extract Spread

Salmon - Smoked - Lox

Sole - Fish

Egg Beaters - Original

Chicken - Baked - Breast - Skinless

Bacon Bits - Real

Seaweed - Dried - Wakame

Protein Powder - Whey

Roast Beef - Deli Sliced

Top Sirloin Steak

Crab Legs - Alaskan King

Top Round -London Broil - Steak

Soybean Sprouts

New York Strip Steak - Short Loin

Vegemite Yeast Extract Spread

Ham - Diced Lean

Skirt Steak

Deli - Chicken Breast

Chicken - Baked - Drumstick

Chicken - Shredded Light Meat - No Skin

Chicken - Baked - Thigh

Turkey - Ground

Turkey - Leg

Turkey - Wing

Ahi Tuna - Yellow Fin


Teriyaki Chicken Breast

Cube Steak Top Sirloin

Soy Based Protein Powder

VSF Nutritional Yeast

Plant Protein Quinoa Powder

Tuna in Pouch

Pepperoni Turkey Sticks Mini

Tuna Burgers no fat added

Alligator Jerky

Jolliebee Chicken Dippers

Large Turkey Sausage Patties

Pot Roast Beef Chuck

Fage True Blend Peach

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